Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On My Way to a 5K

Did you know that there is a phone application for just about everything?! I went in search of a C25K app and found calorie counters and food journals and all kinds of cool stuff to use on my "journey". My phone is kind of like my coach now! :)
Anyways, I am starting the C25K program today (as soon as my hubby gets home...he is doing it with me) According to the app...I will be running a 5K in 9 weeks or so. We'll see. I'm going to give it my best shot!

Monday weigh-in = -1.8  

I can't believe that I have already been at this for a month now. Time is really going by fast.

Yesterday I was stuck at home because my car is in the shop and I had nothing healthy in the house. That is a bad place to be! I forgot that I had bought these new flatout wraps at Costco, but I had nothing to put on them. Peanut butter and jelly to the rescue! :)  It has been forever since I have had PB & J. It was yummy and filling. The wrap (100 c) the PB (1 TBSP 90) and the jelly (1 TBSP 50) = 240 calories.

Well, I am on my way to the grocery store to pick up some things to fill up my empty pantry. I have a list ready and I find that it really helps me to avoid the temptation to buy foods that I do not need. (you know like chips, chocolate, ice cream, etc.). Maybe the sun will come out while I am in the store. It has been hailing here today and I really hope that it stops before we head out for our walk/run.

Have a Good Day!


Amy said...

I just read through your blog, very fun to read :) I started the C25k about 6 weeks ago and love it

TJ said...

Hello- turkey burgers- I add one egg white, 1/4 C water, pepper, crushed garlic 2 cloves, and 2 heaping tablespoons of LIPTON ONION SOUP MIX to the package of lean ground turkey.

We topped our sliders w/ light havarti cheese and grilled onions. Mayo & ketchup too :)

Reese said...

Thanks, Amy :)

and Thanks T.J for the recipe! Tonight I made your pasta, broccoli and onion recipe. It was a hit! Even my kids liked it!

MaryFran said...

I can't wait to hear how you do on your first day of the C25K. :-)

Have fun grocery shopping! (and ohhh Peanut butter is my ultimate favorite food!)

Seth said...

good luck with the c25k!!