Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Saturday Thoughts

Friday I only meant to stay for an hour at the gym and before I knew it, two hours had passed! I have been working on getting my speed up on the treadmill. As of now I am walking pretty slow (3.1) and at that speed I am not burning as many calories as I know I could if I walked/jogged faster.

Got on the Elliptical again and made it a whopping 5 minutes! HA! Still though- that is better than last time. I am hoping soon to be able to report that I made it 30 minutes!

There is a great machine at the gym that I can do stomach crunches on and for some crazy reason I can go forever on that thing and never get tired! I am paying for it today with very sore stomach muscles.

I'm curious about the C25K program that I have been reading about on various blogs. My girlfriends and I want to sign up for next years Susan G. Komen and since they are all in pretty great shape, I would like to be able to run with them instead of walking. I have over a year to get ready for this! I think I can do that :)

I find myself doing more and more of my walking outside. The weather has been so mild and the flowers and trees are all in bloom. The fresh air gives me extra energy! :)

my favorite pink dogwood!

Even when it is cloudy and windy!
on my walk last week

While cleaning out my closet this week I came across a Christmas dress that I had worn when I was a size 16. I was thinking that it would be reasonable to lose enough weight by December that I could fit into it again. Then I started thinking about how much fun it will be to go to my husbands work Christmas party this year as a new lighter me. He has always been so supportive of me and never once has he made me feel bad about my weight, but I can't wait to lose and look good and be healthy for him. It's that way with my kids too. They have never even so much as mentioned my weight, but I so badly want to be a healthier mom for them and not have all of the issues I have now from being overweight. I keep on saying that I am doing this for ME, but really, to be honest, I'm doing it just as much for THEM.

Hope you are having a great weekend! :)


TJ said...

wow great job on all the time at the gym! :) Keep up the great work! Love the pink flowers too- so pretty! :)

karen (and john) said...

Ellipticals terrify me. We had one at the house once upon a time and ended up giving it to Tom's sister & replaced it with the treadmill ... which now sits in the basement collecting dust because it's too far from the outlet and we keep forgetting to buy a cord.
Hmmmm. Maybe I should get off my butt and do that soon :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

You are doing so great! I think it's so important to have a goal dress or event to work towards. And you have both! The run next year and the Christmas party this.

MaryFran said...

Girl.....that size 16 dress is going to be too big come Christmas!!!!!

I've done the does work! :-) Right now I'm doing my own version of getting myself back into running/jogging. But I'm pushing myself pretty hard. The c25k is all laid out for does not rely on your own willpower to push you!

Will said...

You're doing great. Keep up the good work. Stop by my blog if you need some tips Fitness Achievement